About Us

Who We Are / What We Do

TenDA is a data analytics consultancy that offers data solutions to help your business strategize effectively.

TenDA looks after the complete data process of a business. From data collection, to data handling, systems development to advanced analytics and strategic solutions.

Maximizing on data in the modern business world is the way to gain an edge with your consumers and over competitors. We live in an age where data is readily given by consumers but hardly maximized by companies. Data gather in itself is ineffective if not utilized effectively. Data analysis is flawed if data source is not robust. Data Management in ineffective without adequate systems.

We build systems for data management that will support in data capture as well as delivering reports through the inbuilt reporting tools. We look to empower businesses by giving them the tools maximize on data capture and help deliver their strategic goals. We can consult on effective data use across business units, from marketing insight – robust forecasting to operational efficiency.

With over a decade of experience in UK and Ghanaian markets we are well placed to give expert solutions and take businesses to the next level.